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Wedding Traditions of the Philippines


Filipino Pre-Wedding Traditions

There are four different smaller ceremonies that take place with the wedding:


  • One of the ceremonies is the Veil Ceremony. This is were one of the wedding sponsors pin the bride's veil to the shoulder of the groom. This symbolizes the couple as one.

  • Cord Ceremony- This ceremony consists of a second set of sponsors that tie a cord around the bride and groom, to combine their spirits and again be as one. This is done during the actual wedding ceremony.

  • Candle Ceremony- The last set of sponsors will light two candles on either side of the unity candle, and the bride and groom will light the candle together.


  • The last ceremony that takes place is the 13 Golden Coin Ceremony (Arrhae). In this ceremony, the groom presents his bride with 13 golden coins that represent Love, Trust, Commitment, Respect, Joy, Happiness, Harmony, Wisdom, Wholeness, Nurturing, Caring, Cooperation, and Peace.
  • The priest will then bless the 13 golden coins and present them to the bride. The blessing is for a faithfulness and prosperity life.